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Frances Allen: Turing Laureate and Compiler Virtuoso

Anousheh Ansari: Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Space Voyager

Chien-Shiung Wu: The First Lady of Physics

Annie Easley: Rocket Scientist and Advocate for Inclusion

Mae Jemison: Astronaut, Doctor, and Multidisciplinary Visionary

Rosalind Franklin: The Unsung Heroine of DNA's Double Helix

Margaret Hamilton: The Software Pioneer of Apollo

Hedy Lamarr: Silver Screen Star and Wireless Visionary

Hidden Figures: The Mathematical Geniuses of NASA

Grace Hopper: Debugging the Future of Programming

Fei-Fei Li: Vanguard of Computer Vision

Ada Lovelace: The First Programmer

Mary Allen Wilkes: Architect of the First Personal Computer